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Britches Brew Comedy and Variety Show

Dearest Bitches and Bros,

Why talk to strangers at bars, when you can come watch funnier strangers talk AT you? You can either nod your head to some nobody bragging about their college major, or you can head to the backroom at Halyards and watch a bunch of cool kids who majored in good times! (Yes, that's a reckless degree, and not recommended...but we’re 100% too lit to care!) As always this show is free of charge and recommended for all degenerates 21 and over. Come drink this Bitches Brew with us, but be warned; some side effects may include side-splitting, knee slapping, spitting up drinks and being dangerously popular! 

No cover! Arrive early to reserve a seat for you and your party.

Hosted by, 
Shelby Taylor
(Along with fellow bitches Naomi Karavani, Melissa Stokoski and Erica Spera!)