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The Hunted: Encore Season 2 Release Party!

hunted encore.jpg

To RSVP please click through the ticket link to our SplashThat page and RSVP!

The Hunted: Encore Season 2 Release is upon us! But we would like to show it to you first. We'll be releasing onto the internet on Halloween, but the night before, we'll be holding a special screening for those involved, fans, friends, and whoever would like to join us. 

There will be revelry to be had, and a vampire slaying musicals to watch! We will be screening both Season 1 and Season 2, planning to press play on Season 1 around 8:30PM. We'll take a short break, then return a little after 9:00 PM to watch the first ever screening of Season 2!

We can't wait to share this awesome show with you and we hope you'll join us! #HereComeTheVampires