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The Metamorphosis on CBS Screening


One morning Gregor Samsa awoke from uneasy dreams to find he had been turned into a giant cockroach... and now his roommate has to deal with it!

We made a webseries and we're celebrating it! Come watch the first three episodes (which are also all the episodes, because we ran out of time and money). Then hangout afterwards for fun!

Featuring standup from Jess Jess Salomon and Yedoye Travis!

The Metamorphosis on CBS was created by Nicole Conlan and Rollie Williams.
Jake Hyland
Maritza Montañez
William Martinez
Tiara Francis
Maria Wojciechowski
Tim Platt
Michael Antonucci
and Parker Phinney and Will Moritz's apartment!

Directed by David Sidorov
Cinematograph'ied by Cory Fraiman-Lott
PA'd by Ian Griffin Adams and Hannah Kallenbach
Sound-ed by Dylan Andrew Lappin
Music'd by Chris Ryan
Edited by Gabriel Toya-Meléndez and Adam Porter
Mixed by Gordon Smith
And colored by Ryan Spears!