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Wet Electric/Screen Shots

Wet Electric
Ethan Helm: saxophone and compositions
Matt Honor: drums
Noah Berman: guitar
Gabe Terracciano: violin
Jon Snell: piano

Wet Electric performs dangerous compositions, between styles and methods, in pursuit of sounds that sound electric and alive. Influenced by the Modern Jazz Quartet, Duke Ellington, Balkan folk music, and minimalism, with a heavy dose of free improvisation.

Screen Shot
Juanma Trujillo: Guitar

Leonor Falcón: Viola

Hery Paz: Saxophones

Nick Grinder: Trombones

Dayeon Seok: Drums


A quintet of unusual instrumentation and improvisers of different musical and cultural backgrounds. Attempting to create music with flexible aesthetics and concept but with a very distinct character.